April 9, 2021

Why I choose to work with Sony over any other brand

When it comes to choosing photography gear, what brand of camera to use is generally considered one of a photographers most valuable decisions. At the end of the day, the gear a photographer chooses to work with is simply just a tool to get the job done. At this point in time, I will have been involved with photography and working in the industry for 8 years. I was originally introduced to the practice all the way back in year 9 of high school on a super learning day. I remember the first DSLR I ever picked up being a Cannon EOS 2000D and being absolutely mesmerised. Over the years I, like many other photographers developed my own preferences to what I wanted in a camera testing out lots of different brands in the process to find what I felt fit me and what I like shooting the most.

My first encounter with Sony equipment came about when my uncle who has always been very interested in the industry bought a Sony A77 camera and I became obsessed with all the features it had to offer. Still being young at the time and not earning much from my job I decided the buy the Sony A67 which was slightly cheaper than the A77 but still had a lot of the feature I liked. As I grew as a photographer and gained more experience I decided to branch out and experiment with new Sony equipment.

With fantastic automatic settings Sony cameras are perfect for easy photography allowing not only professionals to leave with beautiful images but people with not as much experience also. I have found that Sony cameras are way more versatile and are easily adaptable to many different photography types. Personally I find the A7 iii with a 24-70mm lens perfect for fashion photography which is my main focus. The image colour quality is much greater when shooting with Sony products which cuts down post production time massively.