April 18, 2021

Seminar with Thomas Duffield.

On the 2nd December 2020, photographer Thomas Duffield visited our university to deliver a seminar via Microsoft teams to discuss his recent work and his knowledge in photographic practices. Duffield has been a huge inspiration to many students amongst the photography course with him studying his MA photography degree at the university, he has become quite the celebrity amongst the students. His work has inspired many amongst the course including myself, I find myself striving to create work as considered and detailed as his.

Duffield has created multiple different award winning projects but the one that stood out to me in particular was his project 'Just couldn't get the shoes to fit' in which he works with his grandfather in a series of beautifully shot studio based images.

I was completely captivated by this project and felt so connected to the images after hearing Duffield explain the story behind the set of images. Duffield explained how this is such a personal project to him exploring the connection between him and his grandfather which I related to greatly as I am exploring a very similar situation in my final major project working with my nana.

Duffield has since continued to work on his own personal projects along with commissions in which he shoots in his documentary style which has proven to be massively successful winning him multiple awards for example, his placement in the portrait of Britain awards back in 2019 and best portfolio winner also in 2019.

I truly believe that Duffield's work will continue to influence not only me as a photographer but the new generations of photographers to come in the future. I hope to create my own work as beautifully structured and detailed as his.