April 14, 2021

Seminar with Rachel Louise Brown

Rachel came to our university to share her experiences so far as a photographic director, her education leading up to where she is now and the opportunity's she has had which have shaped her into the photographer that she is today.

Brown began her seminar by introducing herself as a photographer, what her practice is and where she began in her education. Brown explained that her work is split into two sections as she is both a fine art photographer and photography director for Harpers Bazaar.

After completing her MA photography the Royal College of Art in 2009 with a distinction, brown went on to work on an artist residency in America. This particular interested me as working abroad on my photography is something that I have always quite liked the idea of, learning about different cultures and gaining experience along the way. Browns time in America spanned over four years (2014-2018) working with many different incredible photographers, some that she explained she loved working with and others not so much.

during this time, Brown set about exploring unfamiliar places often shooting at night.

As a photographer who also works with models, I was especially interested in the ways that she found her models while working in America. Brown would put adverts in local newspapers and websites such as Craigslist.com, calling for anyone who was willing to model for her.

One project that interested me going off this information was that of the "Male pin up casting"

Brown explained how she gave no instructions to her models she responded to the casting call on how to dress or pose, she simply just asked them to be themselves and do whatever the want to do which felt most like them. Brown reviled to the class how one man in particular ended up stripping off completely naked and began performing yoga poses.

One part of the seminar that stood out to me in particular was listening to Browns time working with photographer Tim Walker who just happens to be one of my absolute favourite photographers. She explained the huge attention to detail that went into shooting with Walker and the extravagant size of the production. One time working with a live lion on a shoot which was incredible to learn about.

Her personal work consists mainly of documentary style images whilst also working on medium format explaining that "I takes a lot of time and patience sometimes to get a good shot". This was very interesting to me as I have never really worked with film photography but after seeing her results it has inspired me to research more into using film and possibly experiment with it in the future.