April 11, 2021

Remote Photography

Due to the recent Coronavirus pandemic, photographers all over the world have been put out of work and struggled to find ways to shoot for over a year. Some photographers found ways around this, building their own studio set ups from home to shoot still life and product photography whilst others took to the streets to work on architectural photography. Fashion photographers and portraiture photographers unlike the rest have been unable to work with people for some time now which has put quite the holt on their career. With the guidelines stating that you must not mix with more than two households, stay at least two metres away from people at all times, and don't make any unnecessary travel, it became increasing difficult for photographers to get work in.

Model Natasha J Bella came up with the idea back in March 2020 to have someone control her camera remotely. This would mean that there would be no photographer present physically, they would be able to take full control through the camera. She set up her camera tethered and then connected to zoom in her studio that she built in her home and then welcomed the photographer. The shoot was massively successful which then leads you to the question, Will this become the new normal when shooting studio fashion and portraiture?

I came up with some pros and cons to this idea and found it may actually work to the photographers and models advantage in the future.


  • You have to ability to work with any photographer/model from anywhere in the world.
  • It will cut down travel expenses dramatically saving the model/photographer money.
  • Its so easy to work.
  • You can work from the comfort of your own home.


  • You lack in personal interactions and may find a sense of awkwardness between photographer and model.
  • It would potentially be more difficult to direct and position the model without being there physically.
  • The lighting set up may be incorrect which would have an impact on the images.

Overall, I personally think this form of working in photography will be a huge success in the long run and will benefit both photographers and their models. Its seems like such an interesting opportunity which I personally would love to experience at least once in my career.