February 15, 2021

Nicole Jopek Seminar


On the 1st November 2020, photographer Nicole Jopek visited the university to do a virtual seminar with our class displaying her work over the years and how it has developed to where she is at today in her career.

I knew going into the seminar I was automatically going to like Jopeks work as for the past three years I've been at university I have been studying fashion and beauty photography which coincidentally is what Jopek specialises in.

About Nicole

Nicole opened the lecture by firstly introducing herself and her practice explaining that she is a fashion and beauty photographer who works with multiple models and clients. She is a fashion and beauty photographer so working with big brands and companies is the normal for her.

She explained to the class how a lot of her work comes from working with modelling agencies and their models creating image portfolios for them. Jopek explained that she works with a range of different clients within the industry particularly with popular management company, Boss Management in which she gained her knowledge in printing books, learning about how paper types could potentially effect the quality of her images and also how colour works in the process. Being a photographer who focuses on this genre of photography, I was very interested to find this out as I didn't know that I could possibly find work doing this in the future.

A lot of Jopeks images are used on websites, particularly fashion and beauty related pages selling hair and makeup products along other beauty campaigns. There is a lot of Jopeks work printed in books and magazines also again, selling hair and makeup products. Jopek spoke about her experiences working with with a lot of beauty companies and that its a very easy way to find work and have your images published.


Jopek spoke to the group during the seminar about equipment and what she as a beauty photographer would recommend do anyone going into the industry. I was very interested to learn what techniques she uses throughout her shoots and what equipment she uses to produce her flawless images. Jopek believes that lenses are very important, exemplifying this throughout explaining that a good lens will capture all the details on the models face clearly. Jopek also stands by a strong lighting set up explaining that if the lighting set up is strong you won't need to do much when it comes to post production. Finally finishing her seminar by sharing what camera she uses with the class. I am currently looking into buying a new camera so learning Jopek shoots with a Canon 5Diii definitely helped me in the search of what I will purchase.

What I will take away from this

Coming away from this experience I would really like to branch out and start to work with models and agencies. Ive wanted to enquire for a while now but never found the confidence to do so but after hearing about Jopeks success I feel more confident about reaching out.

I will also take more care when it comes to printing my images either large scale or printed in a book I will take consideration to what paper I use because I now know the effects it may have on my images as well a taking colour into careful consideration.