April 16, 2021

Next steps in my career

As my university experience is sadly coming to an end, I need to find what I want to do going forwards in my career. Photography has been a huge passion of mine for the majority of my life and I feel I am destined to go into something related in the future and my main profession.

I feel like there are so many options that I could investigate into moving forwards but one thing that has really stood out the me as an amazing opportunity after listening to all the guest speakers is working in freelance photography.There are endless opportunities when it comes to freelance photography and there is work everywhere. What I need to do now is use my website and blog along with social media pages to my advantage, finding ways to promote my work to find potential clients to work with along with creating a name for myself. Im very much a person who likes to have a back up plan incase something would happen to go wrong with my plans in the future so after thinking long and hard about what would be a reachable option, I decided to look into gaining a PGCE teaching qualification.

My teachers have inspired me to create for years so having the opportunity to give back and share my knowledge and experience with a new generation of photographers possibly inspiring them the way that my teachers did me would be the end goal. This is something that I would ideally like to do after gaining more independent experience in the field.

As far as equipment goes, I will be taking the advice of the guest lecturers and will be investing in some good quality lighting. I want to do more research into this and not just jump into buying the first thing that I come across. The studio technicians have helped by guiding me in the direction of the better quality brand names which I am grateful for. I would also like to upgrade my current camera and invest in some new lenses which will help in building my career.

Im looking forward to where this journey takes me and passionate about future work.