February 17, 2021

My Photography vs Coronavirus

How coronavirus has effected my project.


Going into my final year in my photography degree, the coronavirus pandemic struck, limiting the nation with what they were and weren't allowed to do. Being a fashion and portraiture based photographer, this massively impacted my ideas for my final major project. With being unable to work with models I was really worried with how I was actually going to do this project with my original idea focusing predominantly around unconventional beauty and how as a society we could normalise insecurities. I was planning on working with agencies and models in both a studio and location enviroment however due to the circumstances I was unable to go ahead with this idea.

At this point I had gotten very frustrated trying to find something else that I thought would be successful and I was passionate about. I still desperately wanted to work with models as I believe that is my strength in photography. I nam lucky enough to be able to use my younger sister for a lot of my images however, it just felt like something I had already done before and I wanted to branch out. I then came up with the idea of possibly using my Nan as a model which would like to my original idea of going against conventional beauty standards. My Nan is 89 years old so automatically wouldn't class as your average model. She doesn't have porcelain skin and perfect hair.

I went into shooting thinking I could still work with this idea however I soon found out I could only do so many shoots with this theme. My Nanna is such a character I simply had to base my whole project around her celebrating everything that she is.

Throughout the course of this project I want to show her in her truest form to a wider audience the way that I view her. She is loud and bold, even in my earliest memories of her wearing the brightest coloured clothing and bright pink lipstick everyday. The way she views life is that its her world and we all just co-exist around her.

the name Tron comes from an inside family joke in that she is an animatronic machine. She is completely and utterly unbreakable in every form, mentally and physically. I truly believes that she thinks she is a big buff man. All jokes aside, in my eyes she is absolutely stunning and I want to celebrate her throughout this piece of work.

How am I going to make this work?

As we are currently still under lockdown restrictions, I knew I would struggle to work in a studio environment which is something I really wanted to do however I knew to keep myself, my Nanna and everyone else safe it wouldn't be possible so decided to do the next best thing of creating my own at home studio. It was EXTREMELY makeshift and to most would probably find it very funny to look at however I had to work with what I had and I made to work.

I ended up using a bed sheet as my backdrop which wasn't ideal but it worked. lighting was a problem as I had absolutely no lighting equipment other than a ring light which isn't very good and at the time I was unable to borrow equipment from uni. The big window provided me with natural light which was good and the ring light just added that little bit extra to add highlights to the other side of my model.