April 17, 2021

Letters from Nana

My final major project is entirely focused around my beautiful nana, who she is and how I can represent everything that she is in a single photograph. Growing up I was around my nana most of the time so even from a young age I was so connected to her. Even now at 21 years of age I consider her to be of of my best friends yet I knew next to nothing about her history and her life experiences being around a lot longer than I have.

I began by asking my nana to write some advice that she would give to my sister and I just starting out in this big wide world.

I could see my nana in every one of the pieces of advice that she wrote down for my sister and I. I particularly love her first piece of advice; My Nanna is so unapologetically herself, I like to joke that its her world and we just all co-exist around her. She has never, and will never be told what to do by anyone.

These pieces of advice truly represent her as a person and everything that she stands for which was quite beautiful to find that this is all she could ask for from me and my sister growing up.

I still wanted to find out more about her experiences growing as a person and see how these have shaped her to who she is today so I set her the challenge to write down her favourite memories that she has throughout her life.

It was so interesting to find out these parts of her life that if I hadn't have asked about I probably would never have known. I was to use these pieces of information that I have gathered to my advantage and possibly play to some of these experiences throughout my future images to come during this project.