April 7, 2021

instagram takeover week

Over the week Monday 8th-Sunday 14th march, my friend an I were lucky enough to take part in the university instagram take over week sharing out work and other informed we deem useful to others over the @Baphotohudd platform which is an instagram account dedicated to our course.

Over the three years I have been at huddersfield university, I have watched past students have their turn at posting their work over the platform and remember being fascinated by all the amazing work they produced and knew I would love to share my work with the community when it came to my turn.

The course runs the takeover week over a period of time which unfortunately the first time to opportunity arose, I became very nervous about sharing my work and ultimately decided to back out of taking part. Over time I began to regret my decision as watching my peers receive valuable feedback from the general public and gain the experience of promoting their work over a large platform has been something I've always wanted to do. Thankfully, with the success of the previous takeover, the course decided to run takeover week again to allow more students to share their work. This time I promised myself I would take part and be confident when sharing my work.

I admitted to being reluctant to sharing my work with a lecturer during a tutorial as I feared judgement instead of constructive criticism from my peers who may not understand the concept of my images however my nerves were put at ease after having sense talked into me instead of letting anxiety get the better of me.

I began by introducing myself as a photographer and shared some images that I had token in the early stages of my final major project which I call 'Tron' which is a celebration of character exploring every wonderful pert of my nan who is one of the most amazing women in my life.

I was actually surprised by the positive responses my images received gaining over 100 likes over a few days. After posting this, I began to feel more confident sharing my images and started to share more content including podcasts I felt were informative, books that inspired my work and also the work of guest speakers who provided the students in my class with a seminar that I was lucky enough to get to listen to and ask questions in.

During my week photographer Carlotta Cardana shared her work with our class which I got to document on the instagram page sharing it with students in other years.