March 25, 2021

Creating an online Interim Show

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic I was unfortunately unable to take part in creating an interim show this year, displaying the work that I have produced so far in the build up to handing in my Final Major Project. As a class we managed to find ways to work around this by creating our own online exhibitions on a website called Artsteps.

Having never used Artsteps before or anything like it I really struggled to pick up how to use the controls finding myself getting extremely frustrated at myself and restarting numerous times. The website had interesting features allowing you to not only create your own exhibition layout but it also provided you with ready made templates incase you wanted to use them instead. I considered using the ready made templates however I ultimately decided creating my own layout would work best with the way that I wanted to present my images.

Just adding the walls at first was a complete ordeal but once I got the hang of it I actually enjoyed placing them where I wanted to go and creating the shape I wanted my building to be. I actually preferred this to creating an exhibition that would've took place in person as it gave me so much more space to add whatever I wanted wherever I wanted it to be. I kept my layout somewhat simple and easy to navigate as I didn't want to distract the audience away from my images. I found adding my images to my space quite easy but making sure they were flat to the wall and not floating around the room proved difficult in the beginning. I even learnt how to add a guided tour around my exhibition so at the push of a button you would be directed around my gallery space the way I would want my audience to view it.

I got some really useful feedback from my peers which I am very grateful for as it will help me progress going forward with this project and what to do to improve net time, especially if I decide to create an exhibition to display my completed final major project.

They advised that

-I add some more detail to my artist statement as it was very short and direct, not providing the audience with enough detail.

-After viewing my images they suggested that I take some more still life images as well as my portraits.

-Possibly cropping one of my images down to eliminate any negative space that may distract the viewer from the subject if the image.

Finally I found it generally interesting to hear feedback from my peers, viewing my project from a completely different perspective. I was especially interested on how they felt a "maternal warmth" after viewing the images of my nan which could be an interesting concept to try and project even stronger though my new images to come.